Through our experiences in the WCS community we have picked up a few handy tips that you might like to try out.

By Plane
The cheapest day to book a flight is on a Tuesday.  Monday night sees many airlines set there prices so Tuesday often reflects the changes.

Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly so why not come in early and see some sights.

Although, our event is held in Manchester. There are many attendants travelling up from London.  It may be an option to fly into London or Birmingham and catch a ride with local dancers to the event. is our 1st stop for checking flights.  Once checked then head to the airline website to compare the price and book the best option for you.

By Train
Virgin trains offer an array of discounted tickets from a 1 day advanced purchase to a 7 day advanced purchase.  Some people have travelled London-Manchester Airport return for £10 when they find the right deal.

By Car
Post at our Facebook page if you are interested in catching a ride.  If you can get to a major motorway artery, we are certain that someone will be passing by.

Our hotel room block will expire 4 weeks before the event.  This is hotel policy and means that we may find it difficult to book rooms at our agreed rate after that date.  So please book early, even if at a later date you cancel.

Room Mates
Feel free to advertise at our Facebook page if you are looking for a room mate/s to share your room with and split the costs.  We have rooms from 2-4 people, the Family rooms are quite limited and will go early.

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