This is a delicate subject but in that we feel is very important to talk about.

We realise that at every International WCS event there are a lot of individuals who have different expectations when it comes to hygiene.  Here are some general guides to help avoid an unhygienic environment.

Water Stations
We tend to offer complimentary bottles of water at our event and with that avoids one of the most worrisome areas for hygiene at many events… The deadly, WATER STATION, with so many hands to mouths and hands on taps, cups etc. water stations can be covered in germs and before Sunday everyone is getting sick.  Even carrying you down bottle doesn’t necessarily solve the problem if the rim of your bottle touches the tap it can be even worse!

Shower regularly before and after dancing.  Changing into clean clothes each day or even each session.  It doesn’t go unnoticed if you’re wearing the same thing in Competition for 3 days consecutively, I would not want to partner your clothing on day 3, would you?

Always carry hand sanitiser and also breath mints.  Failing that check out our registration we will always have some there.

Hair, mainly for the ladies.  Wear it up for social dancing to avoid picking up the sweat of every man you dance with.  Not just a pony that will whip your Leaders in the face either but a style that will allow you to not have to worry about it and keeps you cool.

Everybody sweats, especially when it’s hot outside and the ballroom is packed.  Please be conscious that nobody wants to have to wipe some else sweat off of them after dancing.  Carry a towel and a change of shirt at all times when social dancing, take breaks to cool off.

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