West Coast Swing events up North!

West Coast Swing Playtime is the best way to describe this weekender event.  Bringing together dancers from all over the UK, Europe and further abroad.  Sharing our love and passion for WCS dancing. 

Detonation Dance 2024 – West Coast Swing WSDC Registry event

Back with a bang in 2024 with the 11th edition of our springtime event Detonation Dance. Held in Manchester, UK. We welcome you to a weekend filled with West Coast Swing workshops, competitions and social dancing.

Detonation is the ideal WCS weekender for those wanting to try a WSDC WCS event for the first time. Offering a warm and encouraging atmosphere. We hold a Newcomer J&J division to encourage new dancers to join in and the event is equally beneficial for Novice and Intermediate dancers who want to start getting experience with the ‘Spotlighted’ final format.  Advanced and Allstar dancers often attend too as they have had so much fun with us in the past. 

Solo Follower tickets are sold out. Please find a Leader to register with, message us at westcoastswingeventsuk@gmail.com to join the waiting list.

Team Challenge
Get together to with your friends and form teams that will face 4 gruelling challenges though out the weekend.  All fun and no dancing which helps us to get to know each other and not take things too seriously. If you’re not participating in a team then you’ll yourself be creased up with laughter at the shenanigans that we set for the teams.

Workshops are suitable for everyone at Detonation. Whether you are new, or experienced in WCS, our instructors will guide you into the next stage of your development as a WCS dancer. We create a relaxed and intimate environment for Social Dancing so you can really let your hair down and let yourself dance.

Music is at the heart of all dance events. We take great care in our music selection to keep you dancing through the night.

The hotel is a wonderful space for us to hold our event within. Many staff remember us and will welcome you into the bars and restaurants where we have a 20% discount.

See in you in April 2024,

Lee, Fab & The Detonation Team

Need to learn West Coast Swing?

If you have you basic moves and timings then you’ll do great at our event. If you haven’t learnt WCS yet, then check out www.EastonSwing.com for free Beginner WCS lessons.