Here are some of of our most Frequently Asked Questions.  Anything that we haven’t covered, send us a message.

What is the car parking situation?

There is plenty of parking at the hotel.  If the front fills up, there are plenty more at the back.  Parking is added to the room bill of those guests staying overnight and for those visiting there are car park ticketing machines in the reception area.

Is there a shuttle from the airport?

Yes, there is a shuttle form the airport.  You need to walk to the airport train station. From there  you can call the hotel shuttle to be picked up.

Which Level should I enter for Workshops & Competition

There is no definitive way of levelling workshops at events.  We, and many other events Internationally,employ the WSDC points database as a way to differentiate some dancers into levels.  For those that prefer not to compete we urge you to attend the audition process at which time you will be given the level appropriate for you rabolity relative to the other dancers at the event.

Are a fun way to challenge yourself and the perfect way to meet new people and make new friends.  We hold WSDC J&J’s as well as some fun orientated competitions too. Hopefully, there is something for everyone.

What should I wear in the Competition?

Each event has it’s own styles and expectations of a more formal or casual approach to their competitions.
The best guide to what to wear at an event is to look at what your event staff and organisers.   If they are wearing a ‘Suit and tie’ then maybe you should too. Equally, if they dress ‘Smart Casual’… you get the picture. In a final, dress to impress your partner.

Shoes – Can be a big point of contention for competitions.  You should wear what makes your feet look the best, not necessarily the ones that feel most comfortable.

Dancers with ‘Good footwork can be easily forgiven a more casual shoe.  If footwork is not a strong point then wear a more formal shoe with a suede sole to get the best from your feet and not distract any attention from your dancing.

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