West Coast Swing Workshops

Detonation is an intensive workshop weekend filled to the brim with west coast swing workshops. In 2019 we are creating more workshops at Detonation than we’ve ever had before…

Not only will our teachers inspire you to become better WCS dancers but with dedication you’ll even see improvement before you leave from the event.

Workshop Description

Ignition Classes – All Levels – Technique based
Shockwave Classes – All Levels – All things WCS
Supersonic Classes – Level 4 and above (Intermediate WSDC ^)
Specialist Classes – Solo, Styling, Switch, Steals & Musicality
Beginner Booster Class – 2h intensive beginner workshop to get your weekend started. (included in weekend pass)

Sergeant Szekelys Intensive – Intent, Connection & Drills

This Intensive is an extra aspect of our weekend event and should be booked in addition to your weekend pass ticket. Held on Friday afternoon and lasting 4 hours with breaks.  It is an ideal way to get the weekend started and review many aspects of your WCS before the weekend gets under way properly.

This intensive will consist of footwork, leg action, foot placement and body drills as well as physical and visual connection exercises that will raise your body awareness which will bring your dance to the next level.

The intensive and our event as a whole is open to anyone that is confident with the 5 basic moves in WCS. If you are unsure whether you’re ready for a weekend event then send us a message/email to express your feelings and we will help to build your confidence.