Andrew Shellard

Andrew Shellard emerged onto the west coast swing scene in 2011. At the tender age of 16 Andrew already had 6 years dance experience behind him including the French rock n’ roll champion title in 2009.

Andrews competitive career in west coast swing has seen him bring 7 classic routines to the floor, 3 junior and 4 adult. He placed 5th in the NASDE classic devision at Liberty Swing in 2015. He currently competes in the All-Star division and placed 2nd in this division at the French Open in 2016. In 2013

Andrew got his first International teaching contract in Israel and from there he went on to teach in Italy, Germany, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Latvia, England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. It was the small friendly community of Northern Ireland however that Andrew really felt drawn to. In July 2016 Andrew made the move to Belfast with a goal to help develop and grow the west coast swing community there.