Friday - Jackpot & Jill

Friday night is our Jackpot & Jill Competition which sees all levels of dancer sign up in the biggest J&J competition of the weekend.  In this contest, when you draw your partner in the first round, you'll stay with that partner for the entire competition.

Saturday - WSDC Jack & Jill competitions

We are a WSDC Points registry event.  We offer Newcomer, Novice, Juniors, Masters, Intermediate, Advanced/Allstar. divisions  We would expect a preliminary round for divisions in the afternoon.  We 'Spotlight' Intermediate and Advanced/Allstar Finals.

Sunday - Funday

This year we will drop Strictly from our schedule and offer a Role reversed J&J and a Switch J&J instead.  Roles reversed J&J will be self explanatory.  Regular Leaders should dance follow and vice versa.  The Switch J&J is where dancers should change roles fluidly through the song. Should be great fun =)

Nations Battle

We are holding a fun competition throughout the weekend.  To enter you will need a 6 person team made up of members from your region, either from your country or from a specific region within that country.  We will hold 4 rounds of competition throughout the weekend with additional bonus points available for various positive attributes of event attendees.

Sign ups...

All sign ups for competitions are made at the event. You'll find paper sign up slips at registration that you can fill out give give to our registration staff who will issue you with a number that will be for your competitions for that weekend.

Newcomers, Masters & Juniors...

We encourage everyone to get involved in the competitions in a way they feel happy to dance in.  These divisions usually are not our biggest but play a huge role in the development of our community as a whole.  We hope that you come and support all of our competitors and competitions.

Remember to have fun...

All too often do people take competition too seriously, I mean we all want to do our best but in trying 'Too hard' we can be the master of our own undoing.  The greatest thing to watch on the dance floor is joy.  Joy of movement,  of partnership, of music, of all the things that create joy in our life.  Remember to enJOY your dancing and have fun with your partners in Social and Competition dancing.