We have 4 tracks on offer to dancers who would like to take workshops.

Level 2 –  For Newcomer or those that do not have any WSDC points.

Level 3 – Novice/Masters/Junior WSDC Points required or by audition

Level 4 – Intermediate WSDC Points required or by audition

Level 5 – Advanced WSDC Points required or by audition (pending confirmation)

Having levelled workshops allows everyone to learn in a better environment with others at the same skill level.  Levels vary from event to event and is simply a reflection of the spread of dancers in attendance that particular year.

You will all be given a Level upon registration that will be confirmed in your confirmation email. For anyone that would like, you can audition once at the event once we know exactly how many people we have in each Level.

A few tips for workshops…

Make sure you have had a shower and brushed your teeth after a long nights dancing. You should also have your phone on silent, comfortable shoes and a towel if you sweat a lot.  We provide water complimentary in the workshop rooms.