the Team



Lee Easton & Fabienne Henshall

Are the UK’s leading international couple, they are the Organisers of this event and have been dancing together for nearly 10 years.   They have a wide background in dance and utilise their full skill set when dancing WCS.



Paul Warden

From London, England is one of the most experienced Leaders in Europe.  He has a unique flair and style that has brought him widespread success in both routine and improvised divisions.







Coleen Man

Runs her own Ballet school in South London and has been competing and teaching WCS for more than 5 years.  In that time she has gained huge success in the Jack & Jill & Strictly Swing divisions across Europe and the USA.

Andrew Shellard

Is the figure head of West Coast Swing NI since moving to Belfast in 2015. Since then he has been working closely with the existing community to build up a flourishing WCS dance scene. Originally he is from Lyon, France and has a quite extensive experience considering his young age.


Piotr Lenart & Marta Nita

Are from Poland, where Piotr teaches high school English and Marta works as a Pharmeceutical researcher.  They are in attendance all over the WCS world of events developing their knowledge and experience as they compete in the All star division of J&J.

Meet the Team

Our event is the perfect chance to get up close and personal with our staff.  Although, nobody likes a stalker.. we do our best to make them feel as relaxed a you so everyone has a great time.


Other staff include,
Registration – Catherine Easton & Chantelle Henshall
Scoring – Phil Grace
Pro Dance Floors – Pedro Machado


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